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     As mentioned on the membership page, the range needs club members to become supervisors. While range maintenance and improvement are extremely important to keeping the range ready for community use, without supervisors to open, operate, and supervise the range, the community would not have a range to use. Supervising the range is not as simple as unlocking and opening the gate and range office. The supervisor's primary responsibility is to ensure the range is a safe place to shoot by making sure that the range rules are followed while protecting the local wildlife on the range. Secondary responsibilities include helping shooters to be successful in their goals, ensuring equipment operates correctly, making sure all paperwork is completed, resupplying materials as needed, and cleaning when necessary.

     Every range has its own rules. Range safety rules are pretty much standard, but each range has its differences. Our training is tailored to the Menomonie Public Shooting Range. Training from other ranges or organizations will definitely be a benefit, but even if you have military experience or are a certified instructor from the NRA or other organization, you will still need to go through our training.

    If you enjoy helping people to enjoy the shooting sport and are willing to operate this firearms range with safety as your priority, consider becoming a supervisor at this range. It takes 12 hours of training (may be broken up into several smaller sessions), passing a test, and making a commitment to supervising at the range 20 hours per year. The hours must be placed on the range hours page at least 2 days prior to the date you plan to supervise.
If this feels like something that you are interested in, contact a range supervisor with questions or to set up your training.