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    The property which is now the Menomonie Public Shooting Range was sold to the county in 1964 for $1.00. Similar to many other ranges at that time, the range was little more than a place to plink at tin cans, refrigerators, old furniture, etc. Fast forward to spring1980; several people (Stu Fullerton, Mike and Mark Brave and Dave Kraft) interested in target shooting met in Room 211 of the Home Economics building at UW-Stout and created the Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club. The club received approval from the county board to take over the maintenance and operations.

    What started out as a dump, was cleaned up and berms and shooting benches were added with grant money and volunteer work. Range improvement is not always continuous, but rather it often happens in spurts. For example, in the last 6 years, the rage has undergone several major improvements; A new Blue Sky Blocker and a trap range were installed, a well and wash station is now operational after the frost is gone, a maintenance shed was built to help maintain equipment. Concrete pads were installed behind the firing points and all ranges were upgraded to be ADA compliant. The three hundred yard range was updated providing two firing points or one disability point. Telephone and loudspeaker systems were installed for communication between the clients and the range supervisor.

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