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Getting Ready to Go To the Range

So, you decided you need some range time. Whatever the reason, new firearm, sights, different ammunition, or just some practice, there are a few things to remember. When planning a range day, be sure to check the range hours first. No sense in getting "all dressed up" and have no place to go. Be sure to recheck the hours the morning you plan to go, in case something changed. The Range Hours page is an accurate calendar of the range hours, events, and meetings, but once in a while, something beyond our control does happen. Along with checking the range hours, while the pistol, rifle, and trap ranges comply with the ADA act, if you have special needs, feel free to contact Bob Streff (715-505-1932) about any special needs you may have.

To make your time at the range more fun and enjoyable, there are some things to pack with you when you use the range. First is to put the firearm(s) in an appropriate case. County ordinance requires that firearms be unloaded in a case or holster from the parking lot to the firing point and back to the parking lot.

Next, make sure you have the correct magazine or clips for your firearm(s). If you keep the bolt out of the firearm(s), bring them too.
Make sure you pack the correct ammunition.
Don't forget to read the Range Rules.
Pack eye and ear protection. These are available at the range if you don't have them.
Don't forget your targets. The range will supply the target backers and tape as we don't use staples. Paper targets are the only targets allowed for the rifle and pistol areas during regular range operation. The range does have a selection of paper targets available for a donation.
You may want to bring a pen and paper if you are testing loads or need to take notes.
If you have a new sight on the firearm, bring appropriate tools, the instructions, and if the sight uses batteries, make sure you have them. We do have a tool kit at the range, but we can't guarantee we have the correct tools for your firearm.
If you have rifle rests, go ahead and pack the as well. There are rifle rests, sand bags, and lead sleds at the range if you don't have them. There are also spotting scopes if you need them.
Don't forget to bring some cash for the range donation ($5.00 per day for those 18 and over is suggested), targets, and water or coffee. We do not have the capability to accept credit cards. Dress appropriately for the weather. If shooting a high power firearm, you may want to wear extra clothes for more padding. We suggest you do not wear open toe shoes or low cut shirts to reduce the chance of getting burned by a hot case.