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Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club. E6007 510th Ave. Menomonie, WI.

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For safety, County ordinances require ALL FIREARMS MUST BE UNLOADED AND IN A CASE OR HOLSTER WHILE BEING TRANSPORTED BETWEEN THE PARKING LOT AND THE FIRING POINTS. Also, no one is allowed on the premises unless a range supervisor in present.
INDIVIDUALS FOUND ON THE RANGE DURING UN-SUPERVISED TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO ILLEGAL TRESPASSING. Members and neighbors are instructed to call the Dunn County Sheriff if people are found on the range without a Range Supervisor present.
Everyone using the range must be acquainted with and abide by the range rules and regulations. A copy of the range rules is available at: Range rules and regulations. While the county has set the possible hours the range may be open, the range is only open during supervised hours of operation that trained volunteers of the Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club have offered their time to operate the range. Those hours are posted on the Range Hours page.

The Menomonie Public Shooting Range offers:

The range includes 18- 100 yd, 4- 200 yd, and 3-300 yd shooting positions, 4 dedicated pistol firing points, and a 5-station 16-yard trap range (with voice activation) are ADA accessible.
Most firing points have adjustable seats, although the pistol area has chairs instead of seats and there are 2-100 yd., 1-200 yd., and 1-300 yd. benches which are handicapped accessible.
Trap range is only open during certain hours. Check the calendar for the dates and times.
Paper targets only on the rifle and pistol ranges. Targets are available at the range office.
Cardboard and tape is provided for the target stands. We do not use staples as staples can cause injury.
Hearing and eye protection, rifle rests, spotting scopes, and sandbags are available at no charge.