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Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club, LLC.

E6007 510th Ave. Menomonie, WI. 54751

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Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club, LLC.
E6007 510th Ave. Menomonie, WI. 54751

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Mission Statement

To preserve the Second Amendment by educating the community on firearm safety and how to shoot proficiently through community events and by having a safe place to practice your shooting skills. We will promote the safe enjoyment of rifle and pistol shooting among our members, the general public, and expressly the youth of the Dunn county area. We will maintain and improve the Menomonie Public Shooting Range so that it will be available for future generations.

Who We Are

Members of the club include people from all walks of life, all ages, and backgrounds. Our goal is to promote shooting sports while practicing safe firearms handling and marksmanship. Through a partnership with Dunn County Facilities, the club consists of volunteers focused and motivated to give back to our community by operating, maintaining, and improving the Menomonie Public Shooting Range and provide a safe, family-friendly location for people to practice the sport of shooting firearms. (Brochure)

Club History

The Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club,LLC was founded in 1982. Originally, the club met at the National Guard Armory. Eventually, the club started to meet at the Menomonie Public Shooting Range. At that time, the range was little more than a garbage dump. The club started to clean it up and eventually the responsibility of operating and maintaining the range was passed on to the Rifle and Pistol Cub. From the beginning, the Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club has partnered with the Dunn County Fish and Game Organization and Dunn County Facilities to manage and improve the range facilities at the Menomonie Public Shooting Range for our community.

Club Activities and Projects

Over the years, the club has built berms, covered firing benches, brought in electricity, planted trees, put in separate pistol 200 and 300 yard ranges, added cement walkways, and built a Range office and several outbuildings. In 2018, we added a new maintenance building to lower operating costs and a trap range so the Menomonie High school trap team would have a local area to practice at. Private donations from individuals and local organizations raised the money for the maintenance building and trap range. Parents of the Menomonie High School Trap Club and members of the Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club volunteered their time to complete these projects. In 2019, we drilled a well to provide running water so clients could better remove lead residue from their hands.

In 2020, while the range was closed during the spring COVID-19 shutdown, we were able to make many improvements to the range including building new color-coded targets stands, replacing the 300 yd. firing bench with a ADA compliant bench that also accommodates both left and right handed shooters, landscaping the berms to provide additional safety, installing a gravel walkway behind the trap firing positions, improving the trap range by landscaping and applying rock retaining walls for water runoff and erosion control, re-grading the ditches leading to the DNR waterway, new yardage markers, and cleaning or painting many parts of the range.

For 2021, the DNR waterway was regraded as parts have filled in over the years, A van accessible path with wheelchair access was added to the 300 yd firing bench , and to improve the area around our maintenance building to increase outside storage capacity. Future plans include expanding the pistol are from 4 to 6 firing points and possibly extending the 300 yard range to 400 yards..

Volunteers and donations are always welcome to come out and help to make the range safer and improve accessibility for members of our community.

In addition to operating and maintaining the range, the Menomonie Rifle and Pistol club hosts several events open to the public throughout the year. To see which upcoming events we are hosting, go to the events page. To see pictures and videos of our events, go to our Facebook Page.

Some of the events hosted in the past include:

Club Meetings

Unless otherwise indicated on the range calendar, monthly club meetings are held at 6:30 PM on the 1st Monday of the month. From April to October the meetings are held at the Menomonie Public Shooting Range (E6007 510th Ave, Menomonie, WI). From November through March, club meetings are held at the Dunn County Fish and Game Clubhouse (1600 Pine Ave East, Menomonie, WI). Meetings are open to the public. Club and prospective members are encouraged to attend.

2024 Meeting Calendar

Date Time Location
Monday, Mar 04th, 20246:30 P.M.DCF&G
Monday, Apr 01st, 20246:30 P.M.Range
Monday, May 06th, 20246:30 P.M.Range

Become A Club Member

There are several types of clubs and people join clubs for a variety of reasons. The Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club is the type you join to make a difference to your community. Being a member means that you are a part of something bigger than yourself by helping to educate the community through an organization that promotes firearm safety and proficiency through community events; by helping maintain and improve the shooting range for people to shoot safely at. Membership does require a commitment to the club and the community. We ask each member to volunteer at least 20 hours per year at club activities. As a active member, your ideas and opinions are vital to the success and survival of the club and the range. If helping the community in this way appeals to you, come to a meeting and talk to one of the officers. Membership fees are $25 per calendar year for an Individual, $35 for a Family, and $75 for a Patron. Talk to an RSO at the range for details.

Become a Range Supervisor

The club is looking for club members to volunteer as supervisors at the Menomonie Public Shooting Range. Members may become supervisors after three months, providing they have attended at least two monthly meetings and successfully completed the supervisor training. This requires working with a supervisor for a total of 12 hours, and passing a written test. Supervisors are required to sign up on the calendar to volunteer for range supervision a minimum of 20 hours per calendar year to open, run, and/or close the Range.

If you are interested, contact the club secretary.